Image What is spiritual astrology? The guide to understanding!

What is spiritual astrology? The guide to understanding!

Spiritual astrology is the study of horoscopes in order to define the maturity of the soul. This consists of showing the impact of the sun, the moon, and other planets on our personality and destiny. In fact, astrology considers the position of planets on our birth time. Spiritual astrology shows n individual's path through life as well as their greatest potential.

Prem Rawat is a peace ambassador who wants to promote inner serenity in each individual in order to build global harmony. He wants to make us understand that our life path has already been clearly designed; inner peace is in us. Let us explore in depth what spiritual astrology is in order to have a better understanding of the subject.

What is spiritual astrology?

This might be a new concept for us. Spiritual astrology has the following objectives: 

  • To understand the influence of the planets on us
  • To discover the importance of the lunar and solar system in shaping our destiny
  • To understand, from the lunar and solar eclipses before our birth, our mission on earth
  • To know the revelations about past, present and future happenings through the zodiac guidance

What is the relationship between our birth time with the sun and the moon?

Our life is interconnected with everything around us. For example, the air helps us to breathe, the sun gives us energy and health, water brings life. Besides, the view of the blue sky and the lush green vegetation brings about a feeling of serenity is us. However, not everything on Earth and in the other planets do well to us. In fact, some creatures may harm our well-being. Let us take for example the moon.

How does the moon affect us?

The moon can influence our mind

The Moon is used to base our notion of time or calendar. There are 30 days in the cycle of the moon. The moon has 4 distinct phases, namely the new moon, the rising moon, full moon, and waning moon. The frequency which emanates from the moon can affect our state of mind - conscious and subconscious, moods and desires.

Due to the different positions of the moon in the sky, we may feel hyperactive, careful, or totally the opposite, just like how the ocean reacts under the different influences of the moon position in the sky.

The moon can affect our body

The moon can also affect our body and the organ functioning. For example, it has an important role in determining woman's menstruation or pregnancy. It also interferes with the functioning of the digestive system and other organs.

How does spiritual astrology shape our destiny?

The planets are positioned in such a way as they could shape our destiny when they are born. Spiritual astrology defines each individual's character. Character represents each our destiny. Thus, it is important to understand which planet has had the greatest influence on each individual to shape their character.

Besides, the position of the Stars in the sky impacts much on our life. However, by the help of a Supreme Being, it is possible for us to gradually change their characters, which will in turn result in a change in their destiny and environment.

How does spiritual astrology guide us to their mission on Earth?

We might have already read about the story of King Herod and the shiny bright star which was born at the birth of Jesus. Besides, we might have watched in movies a similar story about the birth of a king and the presence of a new star in the sky. Each individual is endowed with a star. The star acts a spiritual guide to our destiny.

Therefore, our destiny on earth is dependent on the star that is responsible for guiding way before we are born.

How does spiritual astrology make revelations to us?

The revelation chart in spiritual astrology includes the position of the sun and the moon, as well as the other planets at your birth time. The revelation focuses on the individual's characteristics and destiny. It reveals information about the individual's duties and responsibilities, love life and potentials.

Moreover, it helps give more understanding about consciousness, karma, and Self-fulfillment. In other words, understanding the revelations about your destiny could be a key to successfully fulfilling your mission on Earth. It could be necessary to know it to attain inner peace, which Prem Rawat is talking about.